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As a vintage lover, it's way too easy to get sucked into the gorgeous Nora Finds blog. Suddenly I'm 24 pages in and somebody needs to stop me! I'm amazed at the uniqueness of each carefully crafted outfit and have a particular appreciation for her fabulous earring collection (an accessory I all too often skip).

Nora prides herself on having a beautiful but comfortable wardrobe, encouraging others to try the nostalgic aesthetic. "We often see more girls embracing pin-up or rockabilly subcultures," she writes, "My style, however, isn’t any of these—I stick to everyday vintage."

In an e-interview, Nora gave me a glimpse of who she is and how she shops vintage—but don't stop there. Check out her tips for vintage style newbies, her vlog answering questions from her Instagram followers, and her insightful look at the relationship between her ethnicity and fashion. She'll make you want to up your wardrobe game, reminding everyone that "it is not wrong to be fabulous."