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Vintage Women's Products We Can't Believe Were A Thing

9. Secret Makeup Amoire
Since women using makeup was taboo prior to the turn of the 20th-century, women had to get inventive with how they hid their secret stash of face powders. Only sex workers and actors wore makeup, and if a woman was caught wearing cosmetics she would be shamed and severely looked down upon. Of course, that didn't stop women from playing with makeup — they just had to be secretive about it. 

Many women DIYed cosmetics using ingredients from their pantries — like using fireplace soot for mascara or flour for face powder. Others were slightly bolder and would get face powder and creams from stores, and then had to find a sneaky way to hide them in their houses. To do so, many bought pharmacy boxes to camouflage their cosmetics with the rest of the medicines stored in the chests. Some even had secret compartments where women could hide their more illicit cosmetics, like blush.