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Vintage Women's Products We Can't Believe Were A Thing

6. Kneelets
We have anklets nowadays, so a kneelet shouldn't be too strange of a concept. But what is "weird" about the kneelet is the outrage that it caused. Kneelets came into fashion when the slit skirt first came into vogue, which was in the mid-1910s. 

Just like how today it’s difficult to wear a low-cut shirt without receiving some disapproving stares, it took a bit of courage to walk out in a slit skirt. But some women welcomed the disapproval, and wanted to poke fun at the old-fashioned crowd who tried to control their dress choices. That’s where the kneelet came in. Kneelets were like anklets, but they sat around the knee. It took a bold woman to wear this piece of jewelry, because she purposefully wore it to bring attention to her slit skirt and to her stockinged knee. It was scandalous, it was wanton, and it was extremely cheeky.