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Vintage Women's Products We Can't Believe Were A Thing

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13. Radium Beauty
In addition to radium decorating fashionable watches, radium was also seen as a beauty elixir of sorts. This led to a boom in radium beauty products, but they were mostly popular in Europe rather than the United States.

In a 1918 Radior ad, which was a London-based radium beauty company, the copy read: "An ever-flowing Fountain of Youth and Beauty has at last been found in the Energy Rays of Radium. When scientists discovered Radium they hardly dreamed they had unearthed a revolutionary 'Beauty Secret.' They know it now. Radium Rays vitalize and energize all living tissue. This Energy has been turned into Beauty’s aid." Little did the shoppers know they were actually deteriorating their skin, rather than rejuvenating it.