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Vintage Women's Products We Can't Believe Were A Thing

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Hindsight is 20/20, and the beauty products and fashion trends we love today might be looked back on in a few decades as completely strange. There are already a few things that might be eyebrow rising for our grandkids: sheet masks immediately come to mind, especially if you wear them while driving or while waiting at the airport. There are also the "as-seen-on-TV" products that made their way from late-night infomercials and onto Bed, Bath & Beyond shelves. (Ahem, anyone remember the Shake Weight?)

Since that's inevitable, we decided to dig around and find the weirdest vintage women's products we couldn't believe were a thing. They made sense when they first came out, but today they just seem frivolous, dangerous, or downright wacky. There were fashion fads like crinolines, which seemed like harmless hoop skirts, but led to a lot of women's untimely deaths. There were quirky beauty inventions, like Scotch tape to keep hair rollers in place, and funny exercise contraptions like Sauna Pants that helped you sweat off your extra pounds. Some of them were so strange that they never actually took off, while others were popular for decades before people finally rejected them. Check them out below.