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Vintage Women's Products We Can't Believe Were A Thing

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12. Radium Watches
Radium watches became a novelty in 1916 because they glowed in the dark and shimmered in the sunlight. While they were a nifty fashion fad at the time, no one knew that radium could poison them. The element was discovered just 20 years prior, and people didn't understand its long term effects yet. While it was hazardous to the wearer, it was even more deadly for the factory workers who put together the watches. 

Women were predominantly hired to do the factory work, and they eventually were called "Radium Girls." The women were told to lick the brushes to give them a fine point, resulting in them ingesting radium with each lick. This eventually led to many of the women dying, whether it was from their jaw bones crumbling, cancer forming, or slowly deteriorating.