StyleBistro Interview: WWDMAGIC Blogger Isabelle Ofume of Justizze

1.  What's your name, age and blog?

Isabelle Ofume, 17, IZZE (

2.  Define your personal style.

My personal style would be more along the lines of casual, with a mix of
exotic, punk, preppy, and a whole bunch of different things. I like trying
new things, so I just like a bit of everything from boho to chic. Can't
really describe it, but its basically everything (laughs)

3.  What will you be wearing this spring?

Ah, spring... one of my favorite seasons (plus fall). I will be trying a
bunch of new things from floral to oxfords. I'm switching things up this
year with a whole new wardrobe, stay tuned!

4.  Blogging is [FILL IN THE BLANK]

Blogging is a way to express yourself. Its FREEDOM.

5. What are your online must-reads?

I love Jeremy Dantes site (, Teen Vogue (, Madbury Club (, Jak & Jil (, (laughs) Bloglovin ( helps put it all together. But theres a whole lot more blogs I'm in love with...

6. Biggest shopping splurge ever?

My biggest shopping slurge to date would have to be a pair of boat shoes
from sebagos last summer.

7.  Have you ever posted photos of yourself in a look you regretted later? What was it?

Oh yes, there was this one time when I wore this outfit (wide-leg jeans, sandels with socks, and a furry sweater), I dont even know why in the world I took a picture with that on, if it was ever to leak i'd hide under a rock for days (laughs).

8. One print magazine you can't live without?

I love Teen Vogue, they do a really great job for capturing what teens are
really into (I love it!).

9. What's your dream job?

My dream job would be working with Nylon or Vogue, in the marketing and
advertisement area of things or in the editorial section. That would be great!

10.  What excites you most about the Magic trade show?

Meeting all the other bloggers and most especially the WWD/Teen Vogue
Blogger lounge. I'm excited!
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