StyleBistro Interview: WWDMAGIC Blogger Erica Domesek of I Made This

StyleBistro Interview: WWDMAGIC Blogger Erica Domesek of I Made This Erica Domesek
1.    What's your name, age and blog?

Erica Domesek, 29,

2.    Define your personal style

Eclectic!  Mixing and matching unexpected patterns and textures and always layering lots of jewelry!  Some days I sway towards an urban bohemian with an edge, other days infuse a modern chic polished city girl.  Personal style is everything...and always evolving as we do!

3.    What will you be wearing this spring?

Lots of floral patterns and Color blocking!

4.    Blogging is [FILL IN THE BLANK]

Bloggins is a platform. An extension of a strong POV that aims to educate, inspire, and influence the world.  PS- I made this... allows me to do this!

5.    What are your online must-reads?

6.    Biggest shopping splurge ever?

Lanvin suede Boots with exotic croc stacked heels and Celine sleeveless trench

7.    Have you ever posted photos of yourself in a look you regretted later? What was it?

I dont post photos of myself... People come to me for my creative ideas and inspiration and DIY's, not what I'm wearing.

8.    One print magazine you can't live without?


9.    What's your dream job?


10.    What excites you most about the Magic trade show? 

Getting to meet face to face with the people who are behind the brands I love.  Without them, their ideas, hard work, and dedication- I wouldn't be able to find half of my everyday inspiration and wardrobe!
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