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Colored sunglasses have been having a major moment, but just in case you're not already obsessed with colorful lenses and frames, let me introduce you to the orange sunnies trend. I'm talking persimmon, tangerine, apricot, and more. Hungry yet?

The color orange channels creativity and fresh, playful energy. Is it any surprise that it's typically marketed with phrases like "citrus boost" or "orange crush"? The very word itself evokes summer, sunshine, and bliss.

So let's just say that this season's biggest sunglasses trend will infuse your life with a whole lot of sunshine. Not only that, but it'll propel you into summer with a burst of refreshing citrus flavor. Wink, wink. If the following list of chic, unique and totally on-trend sunnies doesn't give you an orange crush, I don't know what will.