Sean Parker's Medieval Wedding Will Have Personal Costumers For EACH Guest

Sean Parker's Medieval Wedding Will Have Personal Costumers For EACH Guest
(Photo via HBO)

Things we have in common with Sean Parker, the billionaire smarty-pants behind Facebook and Napster — FYI, he's the guy Justin Timberlake played in The Social Network — we both giggled like fan girls at the first glimpse of Daenerys Targaryen during last night's Game of Thrones season premiere. (Okay, so things we maybe have in common...)

Things we most certainly don't? Enough cash money to throw a Medieval-themed wedding so lavish that each and every single guest gets their own personal costumer.

According to a report in Page Six, at Parker's wedding with long-time girlfriend Alexandra Lenas:
There will be some kind of medieval theme, and guests will each get their own costumier. It’s not yet fully decided what the costumes will be like, the theme is supposed to fit in with the environment and the natural beauty of the area. But, yes, there is a chance the wedding could end up looking like an episode of Game of Thrones.
So many questions! Like, do you have to be at least a millionaire to get outfitted in Lannister-esque extravagance? If not, are you merely considered peasant folk? Forced to dress in rags? Will there be personal hairdressers on-call to coif lustrous white-blond wigs? (Emilia Clarke's takes two full hours to style each day, you know.) Oooh, maybe a braid bar? Will Sean Parker grow out his beard a la Khal Drogo? (RIP, Khal Drogo.) Dragons?! Please say there will be dragons...

Oh, to be a billionaire.