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This Is What Your Favorite Celebs Looked Like When They Were 25

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Think back to when you were 25 years old. For some it may seem like a lifetime ago, for others it may have just been a handful of years prior to right now, and for some of you it may be coming in the future. Either way, while 25 may not be the favorite age you've ever been, it's still a pretty significant time. We mean, it does mark being alive for a quarter of a century, which isn't nothing! 25 is one of those ages where, while you're absolutely an adult, you're still pretty young and only just beginning to establish your place in the world.  

That being said, 25 can look different for different people — celebrities included. Some celebs were already household names by that age, while others were just getting started in their careers. Take these artists as an example: by the time Beyoncé turned 25 she already had seven albums to her name, and Bob Dylan had six. Then we have celebrities like Gabrielle Union, who turned 25 just a few years before she had her breakout role in Bring It On, or Meghan Markle who was practically unknown at that age. 

Wherever they were in their careers, it's fun to look back at all these celebrities even just to see what they looked like at the time (spoiler alert: they were adorable). Keep scrolling to see them all!