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We've all been there: Camping out in the library to study for finals and staring at our notes and meticulously-printed study guides — even filling out a "cheat sheet" to use during the exam if you're lucky — for hours and hours at a time. And we know just how mentally draining it can be.

That's why we've compiled this list of addictive, entertaining, and above all, distracting TV shows and films to watch while you're on a study break. The list ranges from Netflix originals like the hilarious adult animated Big Mouth to emotional NBC heavy hitters like This Is Us. When it comes to the latter, don't worry — you'll be too busy sobbing into your pillow to worry about cramming for exams! 

Just kidding. We've got your back for when you finally take that much-needed break from cramming — because there's only so much your brain can take at a time. So relax, kick back, and get ready to either catch up or binge-watch your favorites all over again. Freaks and Geeks, anyone?