What to Wear: New Year's Day Brunch

What to Wear: New Year's Day Brunch
(Photos: Forever 21, Sole Society)

HAPPY 2014 EVERYONE! Oh, we're sorry, were we talking too loud? You look like you had a big night—in fact, you look like you lived through that Edward Norton Droid commercial. And we hear you have big plans for brunch too. What, you don't remember? You told that guy with the 2014 sunglasses and the bottle of champagne (the one you were drinking from with a glow-in-the-dark crazy straw) that you'd meet him and all of his friends for a bottomless mimosa brunch that starts—oh look, 15 minutes from now. 

Well just in case you're feeling less than presentable, we've gone ahead and put together the perfect New Year's Day brunch (read: this works for any morning-after-a-big-night) look that will make your companions wonder if you're feeling anything less than fresh. Okay, the fact that you're mainlining coffee and ordering two rounds of huevos rancheros could tip them off, but that part is up to you.

The key things to remember are: 1. Nothing too tight (you're still recovering from those leather leggings, and you haven't yet christened that new gym membership); 2. Nothing too eye-baring (by which we mean, have a full-coverage pair of sunglasses to hand in case of a running-into-someone emergency); 3. Something snuggly that passes for daywear but feels like loungewear (a maxi sweater is basically a belated Christmas miracle); and 4. Something distracting (because you want the attention going to your get-up and not your pale-as-a-ghost-from-A Christmas Carol complexion). 

What to Wear: New Year's Day BrunchCozy Southwestern Maxi Cardigan, $37.80 at Forever 21

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What to Wear: New Year's Day Brunch
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