Three Options When Faced with the Wrath of Office A/C

Three Options When Faced with the Wrath of Office A/C(Source: Thinkstock)We’ve made it through the wind and slush, and now it’s here: spring! While the sunshine and (somewhat) warm days have freed us from our winter coats and ten thousand layers of clothes, the same situation isn’t always playing out in the workplace thanks to freaky climate “control.” As in, who’s in control and blasted the A/C on high when its a nice 65 degrees outside?

It’s inevitable. At some point you'll find yourself overheated or shivering at your computer, so the key to office happiness is being well prepared with a few layering options. Our top three solutions are an updated alternative to keeping the old office cardigan draped over the chair. 

Three Options When Faced with the Wrath of Office A/C
(Photos: Anthropologie, Echo Design, LOFT)Left to right: Sweater blazer, $128 at Anthropologie, Wool wrap, $78 at Echo Design, Terry Moto Jacket, $84.99 at LOFT

Since Snuggies are likely to be deemed unprofessional looking, one of our options is a slightly blanket-esque wool wrap from Echo Design. With a decent selection of colors, it's knit fine enough to be wound around the neck as a scarf, but large enough to wrap around the shoulders.

If your office really veers towards arctic, a jacket is necessary. In these situations who wouldn’t want to snuggle up in a nice soft sweatshirt, and we found a dress-code legit way to do it with this cute little French terry bomber from LOFT. (Definitely less sloppy than the promotional hoodie from last year’s company retreat.)

Also very un-sloppy, but just as cozy, is the sweater blazer. Kind of perfect for days you might be freezing and have to meet with higher-ups, right? So here’s to cranking out those PowerPoint decks in style and comfort.