What to Wear: January Slump

What to Wear: January Slump(Photos: ASOS, River Island, Nordstrom)

Let's be honest: for many of us, this week has brought on a post-holiday slump so major that even the allure of a Juan Pablo-fueled new season of the Bachelor cannot remedy it. And, to add (sub-zero) insult to (lips-so-chapped-they-may-never-heal) injury, many of you are battling said emotions in record-breakingly cold conditions, without the possibility of drowning your sorrows in a commiseratory glass of red—because all of your friends are on some sort of cleanse/detox/chlorophyll-only diet program.

The good news: the most depressing day of the year was on Monday, so things can only get better from here on out. And while we may not have a cure for your seasonal ailment (other than the old, "wait a few months and it will pass") we do have a sartorial suggestion guaranteed to at least ease the pain.

The solution? Dress for the mood you'd like to have, not for the one you woke up with. In other words: take one neon sunshine-hued dress (add black or gray tights if need be), top with a boldly patterned coat (it should clash a little with said dress, for a satisfyingly punk rock, "It's January, don't mess with me" effect), ankle boots with a stomp-friendly block heel, and finish with an unabashedly glitter-fueled nail lacquer. Bcause the holiday party circuit may be over, but the weekend is just around the corner, and as good an excuse for hitting the town as any.

What to Wear: January SlumpMonki Long-Sleeve Dress, $32.67 at ASOS

What to Wear: January Slump
From Left: Oversized Wool Coat, $160 at River Island; Glitter and Be Gay by Deborah Lippmann, $19 at Nordstrom 
What to Wear: January Slump
All Theirs Side Buckle Boots, $175 at Topshop