What to Wear: American Hustle Holiday

What to Wear: American Hustle Holiday(Photos: Sony Pictures, Rachel Pally, 2b Bebe)

Anyone who has seen the trailer for David O. Russell's forthcoming film American Hustle (out this weekend) will relate when we say that we a) completely understand the appeal of macramé one-piece bathing suits now, b) really really have an insane girl crush on Amy Adams—we already had one on Jennifer Lawrence—and c) are feeling a strong disco influence coming on for this month's holiday parties.

What to Wear: American Hustle Holiday(Photo: Sony Pictures)

But before you run off and stock up on frosted lipstick/get a perm, we wouldn't necessarily go method on this one. Sans the guidance of costume director Michael Wilkinson, a camera crew, a Led Zeppelin soundtrack, a '70s backdrop, and a sleezily costumed Bradley Cooper and Christian Bale to back you up, this look could tilt a little something-that-rhymes-with-splashy.

Instead, we're taking cues from Ms. Adams and Ms. Lawrence's costumes, but embracing frocks that offer a modern translation. Think: keyhole elements or sequins, accompanied by a plunging neckline. Accessorize with a faux fur wrap and heels—disco ball optional.

What to Wear: American Hustle Holiday
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