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There are a lot of trendy diets out there and most center around ditching processed options and embracing whole foods. The Whole 30 diet, as the name indicates, is no exception. It encourages people to only eat unprocessed foods and avoid sources of inflammation, like sweeteners, grains, dairy, and food additives.

Proponents claim by eating real foods and decreasing sources of inflammation for thirty days, your body will be able to repair itself. Not only will you stop craving junk, but your gut will heal and your blood sugar levels will have time to regulate, improving your overall health and feelings of wellbeing. Moreover, your immune system will get the opportunity to rest without inflammatory triggers from the foods you eat.

Inspired to give it a shot? Make sure to do your reading so you have a good understanding of why the program works and check out our list of Whole 30 recipes. With any luck, you won't even miss those foods you're giving up!