Why it Works: Karlie Kloss

Why it Works: Karlie Kloss
(Photos by PacificCoastNews.com)

Serving up a country girl twist on the in-flight uniform, Karlie Kloss took the off-duty-model road-less-traveled on a recent flight out of LAX. Notably absent: oversized sunnies, baseball cap and skinny jeans. Refreshingly present: this month's star of Mario Testino's Brazilian-themed fantasy shoot for Vogue's July issue looking fashionably folksy.

The Shirt: An oversized flannel number that says "I found this on my indie musician boyfriend's bedroom floor—he lives in Bushwick, by the way," Kloss's checked shirt is worn open like a jacket to avoid My So Called Life syndrome. If styled the wrong way the look could lean bygone Nirvana, instead it's dreamgirl-next-door.

The Dress: This light-as-air empire sundress mixes virginal wood nymph purity with a subtly sexy "who me?" sheerness. It wants to frolic in a sepia-toned meadow (once Kloss arrives at her destination) and who are we to stand in the way? On a different frame it could read frumpy, but on Kloss it's the stuff Sofia Coppola film heroines are made of.

The Hair: An elegant chignon to remind us that she is a classically trained ballet dancer, if the statuesque posture didn't do it—it keeps the vibe fresh scrubbed and no-fuss.

The Sandals: These caramel leather arguments for simplicity were undoubtedly scored off a master cobbler on a little-known island in Greece. No big.