Why it Works: Emma Roberts

Why it Works: Emma Roberts
(Photos by PacificCoastNews.com)

No, her grin isn't quite as megawatt toothy as her aunt's, but give Emma a break, it's not easy following in Julia Roberts' footsteps (well, unless you count the fact that she can help you get parts, that does come in handy). Emma Roberts is slowly but surely carving out a niche as a whipsmart girl-next-door onscreen, and off-screen she's won us over with her youthful-but-poised wardrobe. Let us discuss.

Why it Works: Emma Roberts A closer look at those shades. (Pacific Coast News)
The Shorts: Denim cutoffs can be a seriously dicey proposition. Just ask the four pairs currently languishing in fashion purgatory of our closet. Forgoing the current hipster lean toward hotpant denim with exposed pocket inserts, Emma has wisely selected a classic, almost '90s incarnation: acid wash, high-waisted and short enough to cause a stir without crossing over into trashy territory. The brown belt says, "Oh this? It was my mom's in the '70s."

The Shirt: A blousy Katherine Hepburn style, this is the sort of shirt you see on someone else, think you'll be able to find at Banana Republic/J.Crew/Gap, and then slowly realize that to emulate its seamless fit you'll need to move in a Net a Porter direction. And it will be worth it.

The Shoes: Mary Jane platforms that wouldn't feel out of place at the Peach Pit After Dark. These partygirl peeptoes might not have been our first choice with her belt, but they do kick the ensemble up a notch in a day-to-night kind of way.
The Sunglasses: A speckled cousin of Audrey Hepburn's Breakfast at Tiffany's shades. We want.