Why It Works: Kate Moss

Why It Works: Kate Moss (Bauer Griffin)

Why It Works: Kate Moss Kate Moss (Bauer Griffin)
For starters, it works because she’s Kate Moss. You’ve heard of Kate Moss, right? Fashion’s high priestess of cool? The girl who launches jean trends on an hourly basis? The glamorous one who’s always being photographed “on her way home” regardless of the hour? Buds with Vivienne Westwood, Stella McCartney, anyone and everyone who’s cool? Ex-BFFs with Lily Allen? Mrs. Hince? Just so we’re on the same page.

The Coat: This swingy, mid-length leopard print coat is so very Cruella deVille’s hot little sister. The popped collar gives it that extra mod effect. Set against her monochromatic ensemble, the look steers safely clear of Austin Powers territory. 

The Scarf:
It’s black, but oooh, it’s very lustrous, with a sort of glossy Black Swan feathers-y effect. A bit gothic and a bit Keith Richards too. We’re usually inclined to keep our scarves from peeking out the bottom of our coats, but Moss lets her lengthy fringey accessory run riot for that “animal under my animal print coat” effect. Exciting.

The Boots: Like an ice skater and the wicked witch of the west had a love child. Befitting of an iconic waif.