Why it Works: Jennifer Connelly

Why it Works: Jennifer Connelly
(Photos by FameFlynetPictures)

If you want to play the "not fair" game, Jennifer Connelly is an excellent subject. Just look at her: one of those classic, put-together, every-hair-in-place beauties who never leaves the house looking less than Lancôme commercial–ready.

Her latest ensemble, modeled outside Robert De Niro's swank Greenwich Hotel, is the ultimate illustration of said phenomena: it's the sort of thing we'd like to imagine Coco Chanel wearing to the market, and it suits Jennifer to a tee. Add to that the fact that she's happily married to actor Paul Bettany (who we prefer to think of as that caddish Wimbledon tennis player in need of a comeback rather than that figment of Russell Crowe's imagination in A Beautiful Mind) and the envy only grows.

The Dress: There's something wonderfully beatnik hepcat meets Audrey Hepburn Funny Face about this color-blocked drop-waist dress. The black plays off of Connelly's raven hair and makes her eyes pop, while the bouncy white skirt lightens things up for summer and hits just high enough to keep the overall effect flirty yet family-friendly. 

The Shoes: Simple, but impactful: We love the sweet detail of the gold fastener on the toe, and the double strap is a subtle echo of her two-tone frock.

The Hair: Let's imagine for a moment that we're J-Con. We wake up in the morning, unfold our gazelle-like legs from our bed made out of clouds and ask ourselves: How will we style our coif today? But of course, we will sweep that glossy mane back into a ponytail, to achieve that effortless, down-to-earth, "let's not distract from the perfection of my face" thing.