Why It Works: Bai Ling's Saucy Referee Look

Why It Works: Bai Ling's Saucy Referee Look (PacificCoastNews)

Why It Works: Bai Ling's Saucy Referee Look Bai Ling (PacificCoastNews)
Google Chinese actress Bai Ling’s name and below the free online dictionary’s definition of bailing (spoiler alert: that’s exchanging a sum of money for an arrested person’s release), you’ll find mentions of nipple slips and petty theft (turns out those definitions are both handy and timely). Ling’s selections are a mirror on her offscreen wildchild, and her latest risk-taking look, modeled in Venice Beach, paid major sartorial dividends.

The Shirt: Urgent fashion time-out. This shirt looks like Ling stole a basketball ref’s uniform and gave it the Pretty in Pink prom dress treatment. We might need to bench anyone else for attempting the bold, midriff baring tie-top, but on Ling it’s a three-pointer.

The Shades: Framed by her doll-like crop of blunt bangs, Ling’s white-hot owl eyed sunnies have a cartoon-villainess-on-vacation appeal.  

The Shorts: A mind-numbing blend of so much and so little: Ling’s high-waisted super-ruched hotpants look like they were the winning result of one of those Project Runway supermarket challenges, wherein the designer selected Glad Bags as their chosen material. Kind of genius.

The Boots: On the wrong stems, and paired with a lamé mini, these spangled platform stiletto ankle boots could go the way of Striptease, but in the scheme of Ling’s ensemble, the shoes tilt high-concept, almost arty.

The Purse: A delightful pop of stop sign red. In case she hasn’t already got your attention.