Why it Works: Willow Smith

Why it Works: Willow Smith
(Photos by PacificCoastNews.com)

It's not easy being Willow Smith these days. Not only does the 11-year-old have to follow in the famous footsteps of mom and dad, but she also has to compete with fellow child actor siblings Trey and Jaden, come to grips with the commercial failure that was her presciently-titled "Fireball" duet with Nicky Minaj, and most insulting of all, she still has two years to go before she can legally watch her film debut I Am Legend without an adult.

To make matters worse, she has to contend with a new Roc Nation diva, Jay-Z's attention-sucking bundle of joy, Blue Ivy Carter. Well someone's not going to take this lying down, and that someone is a mini, cross-armed diva with an album dropping soon titled You Think You Know Me. (To which we say: Uh, no, we didn't really think that necessarily, in fact we thought you were the one that was in the Karate Kid movie, but well, okay).

The Hat: A shrunken pork pie style that would fit right in on Blossom, Smith's hat leaves ample cameratime for her lamb-like 'do and multi-piercings. Cool mom alert!

The Shirt: A piece of celluloid history? Smith's oversized white shirt looks a lot like dad's MiB button-down. The '90s vibe is on-trend, but we have a sneaking suspicion Willow might also want to borrow pop's memory-erasing prop for this look (like we do with our own '90s moments) down the road.

Why it Works: Willow Smith Minty fresh nails. (Photo by PacifiCoastNews.comThe Nails: Arty and befitting her burgeoning celebrity starlet status, Smith's long mint green digits feature a black tip accent on her ring finger, making for a summery mani with a hint of rock and roll.

The Armcross: Performed with the masterful execution of a 13-year-old, Smith's attitude-heavy position belies her tweendom—an argument in favor of the benefits of home schooling perhaps?