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Six-pack abs are like the holy grail of working out. Britney Spears wore them like a badge of honor as we watched her strut around in low-rise jeans with envy in our eyes. Sigh.

But before you knock out like a million crunches, you should get the facts straight. There are abs, and then there is the layer of fat that hangs out on top of your abs. The appearance of a six-pack depends on how lean you are in your abdominal region, not your strength. Power to you if you can rock a six-pack, but don't feel that you're any less in shape if you don't look like a chiseled god. 

That being said, it's still important to work your core. This can be done through various full-body exercises that require you to engage your core to maintain stability, in addition to a whole bunch of area-specific moves. We compiled a list of core-focused exercises that are sure to get your abs burning. 

Disclaimer: We do not recommend performing all of these exercises in a single workout.