You Complete Me: Brittany Furlan's Beauty Bests

The actress and Vine star shares two favorite recent discoveries.

You Complete Me: Brittany Furlan's Beauty Bests
(Source: Brittany Furlan, Clarins, Overstock)

Ever love a product so much it makes you feel whole? You’re not alone, which is why we’re having our favorite tastemakers spill the items they can’t live without.

Who: Brittany Jayne Furlan, @BrittanyFurlan
Where: Los Angeles, CA
By Day: I am a stick of butter just trying to find someone to melt on. And sometimes, I do funny stuff like make Vines or act in something on the television.
By Night: Well considering I wake up at 3pm most days, my nights are largely spent reminiscing over all of the cool things I could've done with my day had I woken up earlier.
Style: I'm not super into archetypes but if I had to squish myself into a category, I'd say I'm more of the 'Probably don't introduce her to your parents/boho-chic' type.

You Complete Me: MAC Orb Eyeshadow, $16; and Clarins Body Lift Cellulite Control, $69

I recently had my makeup done at MAC, the first time I ever really had my makeup done by someone else—I'm kind of a control freak—and I fell in love with this eyeshadow called Orb. It really opens up the eye. Also, I had some cottage cheese on my thighs and after several failed lotions and creams and remedies, I discovered Clarins Body Lift Cellulite Control. For once, I can finally look at my bare legs and not feel like I'm looking at the surface of the moon. It's kinda pricey but totally worth it."

You Complete Me: Brittany Furlan's Beauty Bests
(Source: Overstock, Clarins)

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