You Complete Me: Laura Vinroot Poole's Skin Saver

The owner of Capitol and Poole Shop boutiques remedies stressed-skin with a spritz of this mist.

You Complete Me: Laura Vinroot Poole's Skin Saver
(Source: Laura Vinroot Poole, Biologique Recherche)

Ever love a product so much it makes you feel whole? You’re not alone, which is why we’re having our favorite tastemakers spill the items they can’t live without.

Who: Laura Vinroot Poole, @capitolclt
Where: Charlotte, NC
By Day: I own Capitol and Poole Shop, two specialty retail stores in Charlotte, North Carolina. I’m also the co-founder of House Account, an app that allows users to shop and communicate with their favorite stores through a beautiful and streamlined interface.
By Night: Outside of the office, I’m a dedicated wife, mom and daughter, an avid reader, a farmer’s market frequenter and generally curious soul.
Style: It depends on the day. I love nothing more than a dressed-up, classic Saint Laurent look one day and a boho-centric look marked by a Just Say native vintage hippie dress the next. My style is always multifaceted, as is my personality, which keeps me inspired to get dressed.

You Complete Me: Biologique Recherche L'Eauxygenante Spray

I’m a true believer in Biologique Recherche's L'Eauxygenante spray—it's an oxygenating mist that’s packed with antioxidants, vitamins and moisturizers. It saves my skin during multiple plane rides, stressful situations and just plain bad skin days. It literally makes my skin look like it just gulped a couple of green juices—genius!"

You Complete Me: Laura Vinroot Poole
(Source: Biologique Recherche)

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