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If you've started planning your wedding, that means you know that saying "I do" is not without an incredible amount of time, effort, and, well, moolah. And while it's easy to focus on things like flowers and favors, brides should also think about their beauty routine as much as a year before their big day.

After all, stress comes with the wedding planning territory and "has the potential to wreak havoc on the skin by causing breakouts or inflammations like psoriasis or eczema," says Cultivar founder Clara Williams, who's also an esthetician. "Stress can also trigger cravings for salty foods and a higher alcohol consumption, which leads to bloating, water-retention and puffy eyes." Uh, no thank you!

So, in order to minimize the effects of stress and maximize the chances that your face will look picture perfect when you're at the altar, here's a timeline to follow when it comes to taking care of the skin you're in. And don't fret — you don't have to do ALL of these things to be a beautiful bride (duh). But if you have problem areas or are looking to supplement your current routine with more wedding-oriented products and regimens, check out these suggestions.