These Will Be 2022's Biggest Hair Trends


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As 2021 comes to a close and this pandemic winds down, there are a lot of things we're looking forward to in the coming year, like good health, a sense of normalcy, and a REAL salon appointment. We've lounged endlessly on the sofa while making do with DIY haircuts and dye jobs, now we want to sit on a salon chair and get full-on professional service!

Which brings us to the big question: What cut or color should we get? If 2022 is going to be the year that we re-emerge into the world, then we better do so in style, right?

Well, the experts have spoken and it seems there are some bold hair trends on the horizon for us. Some of them are a continuation of current trends, such as the wolf cut and mullet (yup, love it or loathe it, it's sticking around for a bit longer). Others are from farther in the past, like the '70s shag and the '80s supermodel blowout. And there are the classics, of course, such as the bob and pixie. As for colors, expect some really stunning hues in the coming year, like pink, purple, and pumpkin spice blonde.

These are just some of the hair trends in store for us in 2022. Keep scrolling for more.

Face-Framing Cuts

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"Curtain bangs [will] be one of the most requested fringe styles," Brisbane hairstylist Faith Williams says. "They look good on just about everyone, so I think they are here to stay. The past two years has been all about high impact face-framing, however, we are going to see them a lot softer through the roots in 2022. A face frame will never go out but instead of it popping so much from the root, you will be seeing more impact around the cheekbones rather than the root area."

Wolf Cut

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A hairstyle that's gaining popularity fast, especially among the TikTok crowd, is the wolf cut. Talking to Bustle about the trend, Amy Abramite, the creative director of Maxine Salon in Chicago, says, "A wolf cut is a shaggy style with short layers up top that blend into bangs that frame the face. The longer lengths are wispy with soft, airy ends that flick out. A touch of round brushing or finger styling is all that is needed to set this low maintenance style into place."

Natural Curls

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More and more women are embracing their natural curls and the trend is only going to get bigger in 2022. Hairstylist Stevie Corthine says, "My biggest trend forecast is the return of the [natural] curl. Over 60 per cent of people have curly/wavy/coily/textured hair, and we are seeing them be happy to embrace their natural hair structure which is great. Curls are beautiful and unique, and I am looking forward to more hairdressers creating looks that work with natural hair."

Modern Mullet

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No matter how you feel about the mullet, this polarizing hair trend is alive and well, and experts predict it will stay strong in 2022. Since Miley Cyrus brought it back last year, many women have been jumping on the bandwagon. "We'll see mullets on males and females alike," celebrity stylist Ryan Richman says. "Miley's mullet is a combination of all current hair trends: a lob, shaggy bangs and short layers around the face. This haircut is edgy and very easy to style."

Curly Mullet

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If you have natural curls, you can still rock the mullet because the trend comes in various shapes, lengths, and styles, including curly. According to hairstylist Amy Abramite, "This curly, modern version of the mullet still has the iconic hallmarks of shorter sides and a longer back, and the bi-level shape is subdued with softly blended layers for connected flow and uniformity. The trend is best styled with a diffuser attachment on a blow dryer to define curls and boost volume."

'70s Shag

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If you're into retro styles, you'll be happy to know that a little bit of the '70s is coming to 2022 — the '70s shag, that is. "Shags are still on trend, but with more of a ’70s styling," Tatum Neill, founder of Elevate Hair, tells Bustle. "Imagine a curtain bang styled back and away à la Farrah Fawcett." London stylist Sam Ashcroft describes the cut to Modern Salon, "The typical features that make up a shag hairstyle include choppy, disheveled ends, layers around the crown and lots of texture."

Modern Shag

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If you don't like it too retro, however, you can try a modern version of the shag, which stylists say are going to be big in 2022 as well. "It works with most hair textures and face shapes, and can be varied in length," Sydney stylist and industry expert Barney Martin says of the trendy cut. "Grown out bangs or a curtain fringe will lend a ’70s vibe, or you can pair the cut with a shorter fringe for a more ’90's take."

Iconic Bob

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Women who love classic styles will be happy to know that the bob isn't going anywhere in 2022. "The iconic bob will always be popular because nearly every face shape and hair texture can suit one, making them one of the most versatile looks," says Melbourne, Australia hairstylist Deanna Parker Atwood. "I also think with so many people having to neglect their haircuts, when we finally all emerge from COVID restrictions there will be a flurry of people ready to go for a big chop to start fresh."

Power Bob

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For a sleeker, more modern take on the classic bob, go for the power bob. "This one-length shape is free of all layering for sleekness at the top and a strong, clean, blunt line at the bottom with an angle forward," Chicago hairstylist Amy Abramite tells Bustle. "This length is worn at or below the chin for a swingy bob on straight textures." Brisbane stylist Faith Williams adds, "In 2022 we will see more structure. The ‘cool girl’ blunt collar bone length lob with textured ends will be a go-to haircut."

Layered Bob

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If you like layers on your bob, however, you'll be happy to hear that they're going to be trendy in 2022. "The update to previous shapes will be the introduction of more layered ends and a looser structure," Sydney hairstylist Barney Martin tells Vogue Australia, “which is moving away from the more blunt cut ends that we have been used to. I love these as I'm a huge razor cut fan and this is the perfect tool for this cut."

Y2K Clips

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Y2K trends will be back in a big way next year, judging from what went down on the Spring 2022 runways. One trend we're starting to see a lot of? The butterfly clip. Faith Williams, founder and director of Blondee Salon in Brisbane, Australia, says, "The '90s are really making a [continued] comeback. Claw clips are back and here to stay." Sydney stylist Stevie Corthine adds, "'90s styles are still having their time in the sun, so expect [plenty of] beading, and micro clips."

Braided Tendrils

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Here's another trend that's giving us major Y2K nostalgia: the braided tendrils. "Two braids at the front of your hair will be incredibly popular in 2022," Brisbane stylist Faith Williams says in an article in These baby braids were also spotted on the Spring 2022 runways, a good sign that they're going to be big next year. We think they're cute and youthful, they require minimal styling skills, and anyone can pull them off (they're definitely safer than the mullet, right?).

'80s/'90s Supermodel Blowout

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Apparently, lockdown restrictions during the pandemic have made women miss glamour so much. That's why experts think the supermodel blowout from the '80s and '90s will become trendy in 2022. "Bigger is better," Sydney hairstylist Barney Martin tells Vogue Australia. "This trend taps into the post-lockdown excitement and glamour — of not being at home in leisurewear, for example — that everyone is experiencing." Celebrity hairstylist Marc Mena is also predicting the trend. "Alongside the shag and mullet, there (is) also that supermodel look of big, voluminous hair," he tells Bustle.

Pixie Cut

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As pandemic restrictions ease, women are longing for big changes to their looks. "In 2022 haircuts will be very edgy," says Marie Uva, director of Uva Salon in Australia. "I’m expecting to see lots of bold style statements such as pixie cuts, and even buzz cuts. The shorter the better. People more than ever are open to change and are going to want to cut away Covid." Stylist Stevie Corthine agrees, saying "One cut in particular will be the complete pixie restyle, à la the gorgeous Zoe Kravitz, which really allows the features to shine."

Dynamic Layers

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We think it's safe to say that everyone wants hair that looks alive. That's why dynamic layers are always trendy, and it will be no different in 2022. Whatever your hair length, layers are a great way to add movement, texture, and volume. "Haircuts are all about movement right now," Katelyn Hunziker and Meagan Mueller, hairstylists and the owners of Mane Local in New Jersey, tell Bustle. "If you want movement, use a curling iron — but don’t forget a heat protectant!"

Pinks And Purples

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Now let's look at some hair colors that will become trendy in 2022. "So many clients are asking for a pop of pink or purple,” Sydney hairstylist Barney Martin tells Vogue Australia. “Because we're dealing with significant regrowth, people have the opportunity to try something that they maybe would not have considered otherwise."

Deep Red

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"Rich, auburn hues are at the forefront of fashion right now," hairstylist and colorist Paul Labrecque tells Bustle. Winter, it seems, is the perfect time to get the color. "Skin tends to be more dry and muted due to the lack of sunlight in the winter, so maybe clients feel like they need something to brighten them up," colorist Jaclyn Curti explains.

Ice Blonde

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"The icier the color, the better," colorist Gloria Bonilla of Sally Hershberger Salon tells Bustle. "It’s the perfect time to go for a cool blonde to match the winter season."

Shadow Roots

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"Shadow roots are cool because it allows you to blend the root with the color of the hair and allows you to grow your hair out longer," celebrity hairstylist Sarah Potempa says. "It's a natural sun-kissed look."

Warm Tones

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"Lived-in warmer-toned blondes will give life to full blondes," stylist Stevie Corthine says. "Warm blonde shades such as golden, honey and caramel will give hair an instant brightening boost."

Pumpkin Spice Blonde

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Experts predict pumpkin spice blonde will become a thing in 2022. "It has very warm and rich tones, but isn’t overly highlighted, either," Marc Mena tells Bustle.

Dark Chocolate

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"Dark chocolate is the perfect rich, healthy looking color," hairstylist Sarah Potempa says. "The highlights or balayage technique are heavier on the bottom with a 'money piece' in the front to add a pop of color and brightness."

Honey Highlights

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"This is a gorgeous mix of buttery golden tones created by balayage highlights," colorist Karissa Schaudt tells Bustle. "Keep the thicker lighter pieces closer to the face and closer to the root to create a more dramatic look.”

Fine Highlights And Lowlights

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"This is a blend of finely woven highlights and lowlights," Karissa Schaudt says. “It gives you an all-over statement blonde. Ask for babylights to ensure the pieces aren’t chunky and are instead very blended."

Tone-On-Tone Color

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"This is a style that features variations of the same color weaved through the hair," colorist Kimberly Cannon tells Bustle.

Untamed Texture

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"Sometimes [less] is more, and we will see more of that in 2022," says Faith Williams. "I expect we will see a shift toward more of these relaxed, natural style curls for 2022 – those barely there curls [and waves offer] the laid-back vibe of second-day hair."

High Shine

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Barney Martin predicts a trend towards super sleek and glossy hair. "Most of my clients have had the chance to move away from heat styling tools during lockdown," he tells Vogue Australia, "so hair is in optimum condition."

Extreme Length

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"I believe we will see a lot of extreme length [inspired by] the red carpets and catwalks, with celebs and models sporting very long hair for dramatic effect," Deanna Parker Atwood says.

Half-Up Braid

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Sarah Potempa says this style will be big judging from its popularity on TikTok. "With #hairtok and #hairreels, the inspiration for the braiding details are so accessible to brides," she adds.

Loose And Glam

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For weddings, Sarah Potempa says, "Wearing your hair down is going to be a huge trend as it feels relaxed, confident, and free. From old-Hollywood glam waves to a middle-parted beach wave, this is a beautiful way to wear your hair."
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